Inland Revenue warns liquor license holders

December 04, 2023 - 10:56 AM
The Department of Inland Revenue has informed that the licensees must pay all outstanding taxes when renewing their liquor licenses for the coming year.

Also, the tax clearance certificate is not submitted by the licensees as in the past, but it is sent directly to the Excise Department, said the department.

Accordingly licensees are required to pay income tax, VAT and social security tax based on their benefits.

But if they are registered for other taxes, they should submit the relevant payment clearance to secure the certificate.

It is reported that the Excise Department is introducing a new system this time and the Inland Revenue Department will send tax clearance certificates directly to the department after the licensees have cleared their expected tax payments and complied with the relevant tax payments.

However, for that, the Department of Inland Revenue needs the consent of the licensees to send their tax clearance certificate directly to the Excise Department.