Raids to prevent drug circulation around schools

February 07, 2024 - 4:10 PM
Out of 10,221 schools across the island, 4,983 schools where drugs were found to be in circulation have been raided in the last few months by the Sri Lanka Police and the Police Special Task Force.

According to the instructions of the Inspector General of Police, 5133 'Paura' Forum Committees have been formed with the participation of the respective school teachers, student leaders and the student community around the schools, and according to the reports given by the committee members, drugs have been found in 4876 schools.

It has been concluded that the risk that existed about the popularity has disappeared to some extent.

Also, it has been reported by the 'Wall' Forum Committees that there is a risk of drugs in 107 schools and further operations are to be carried out around those schools and 434 schools which have been identified as having places to lead children astray, are to be carried out in the near future.

It is also stated that the Inspector General of Police has given instructions to the officers in charge of the police divisions.