Israel agrees to supply fuel to Gaza

November 18, 2023 - 12:19 PM
Israel's war cabinet has agreed to deliver 140,000 liters of fuel to the Gaza Strip every two days at Washington's request, US officials have said.

Foreign reports stated that Israel had previously agreed to allow two fuel ships to enter the territory per day.

According to foreign reports, aid agencies were pressing for more fuel to enter the Gaza Strip in order to be able to distribute humanitarian supplies.

The US State Department has said that Israel has committed to providing the UN Palestine Aid Agency with 120,000 liters of fuel every 48 hours to power its trucks and run other essential services.

The agreement also states that another 20,000 liters will be provided to power telecommunication companies to prevent further power outages.

Foreign reports indicated that Gaza's main telecommunications companies, Paltel and Jawwal, have now partially restored their telecommunications after they were given limited amounts of fuel.