An audit report on admission of children to intermediate grades is out

November 09, 2023 - 10:50 AM
According to the National Audit Office, it is mandatory to adhere to the existing rules and regulations when enrolling students for intermediate grades in national schools.

The office points out that steps should be taken to remove the influence exerted on the principals while admitting students to the respective grades.

The National Audit Office has indicated this through a special audit report on the enrollment of students for intermediate grades in national schools.

It is reported that this audit report has been conducted on the admission of students for intermediate grades in national schools between the first day of January 2020 and the 31st of May 2022.

During the relevant period, it has been revealed that 2,237 students have been admitted to schools by using the letters issued by the Secretary of the Ministry of Education to the principals, apart from the formal methods introduced by the circulars.

During that period, out of the formal system, the Secretary has issued 2,367 out of 3,308 letter recommendations and orders made by various people and places including gove ment ministers, public representatives, heads of departments, the President's Office, the Prime Minister's Office, Parliament etc.

The audit report has shown that the principals and teachers of many schools have also suffered inconveniences by the Secretary of the Ministry of Education exceeding the circular limits for admitting students to the intermediate grades of national schools.

The Audit Office points out that there are cases where many schools have excess number of students admitted as well as qualified students are not admitted to the school.

In its report, the audit office has further pointed out the various effects that occurred when the principals of some national schools did not admit students to the school as per the request of the ministry secretary.