The procedure for entering the country for foreign ships, airplanes and other vessels will be updated

November 13, 2023 - 10:49 AM
It has been decided to inform foreign missions about the updates made regarding the granting of diplomatic permission to foreign warships, aircraft and research vessels.

Actions were taken to update the standard operating procedure for granting diplomatic clearance to related ships, aircraft and research vessels.

Accordingly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and President's Atto ey Mr. Ali Sabri mentioned that the related Cabinet approval was also received recently.

The minister also mentioned that steps will be taken to inform all the countries and various parties working together with Sri Lanka in this regard.

A political crisis arose between India, China and Sri Lanka when the Chinese research ship applied to visit the country.

Although the Chinese ship announced that it was coming for research work in the weste sea region of the country, India said that it was spying on its country.

In view of the situation, the gove ment decided to review the standard operating procedure for these ships, aircraft and research vessels.

It is reported that the matter has been discussed in the National Security Council.